1977_162 [162-166]

Heysham Head, Lancashire
March, 1997

1977_162 [162-166]
© Andy Goldsworthy
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As AG noted of Heysham Head, where he made this piece:

'The power station at Heysham Head is something I have always worked alongside...and I think my work said how I feel about that. Morecambe Bay is one of the most polluted bays in Britain. [That] is for me a reason to work there. I feel these things very strongly, but this has to be expressed in my own way as an artist. I'm not an artist who can make a strong piece by contriving a point through the work. I'm trying to touch things that are much more substantial than that, the beach itself, the time that the beach has been there.' [Time (2000), p. 180]

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rocks, tides, water


Work completed and recorded March 1977.


Heysham Head, Morecambe Bay, Lancashire, UK.


Hand to Earth (1991), pp. 16-17; b&w illus., pp. 14-15;
Time (2000), b&w illus., p. 181


Colour 35mm slide;
Film: Kodachrome 64;
AGA location: S/C;
No. of images: 1/1 [Others: see also b&w negs];
Archival Disk: 1977_004