Accessing the Digital Catalogue

The full version of Volume One of the Digital Catalogue is accessible on DVD. It provides a comprehensive catalogue of Goldsworthy's ephemeral work for the years 1976-1986, and it is housed at the University of Glasgow's Crichton Campus, in Dumfries.

Access to the DVD is available to external researchers for research purposes only.

Access to the DVD is by individual appointment only.

Requests for appointments must be made in writing, to

Gill Watters
Facilities Administrator
Rutherford / McCowan Building
Crichton Campus
Bankend Road

Telephone: 01387 702 015

Visitors are required to present a letter of reference and/or piece of identification.

Please note:

  • The Digital Catalogue is not a commercial resource.
  • The DVD-Rom is not available for purchase.
  • The University of Glasgow does not supply Rights or Reproductions in relation to any works of art by Andy Goldsworthy.
  • The University of Glasgow does not supply resources for teachers or educators.
  • The University of Glasgow will not receive or respond to correspondence or invitations addressed to Andy Goldsworthy.