Snow compacted in to series of joining arches
Helbeck, Cumbria
26 January 1984

© Andy Goldsworthy
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Diary: 26th Jan Helbeck
- wind strong snowing
made a different wiggle -
Snow sticky - good to work with
- don't really like it a bit too
serpent like
might look better larger
added this [arrow to illus.]

[next page in sketchbook diary]

worked better with extra length
-gives greater sense of rhythm
& not serpentine feel slightly
by breaking the very repition up and down

About {12 paces downhill
15 paces uphill} in length

In afternoon made fairly
large [...] arch - [...]
then cut out arch - held
quite easily - although it
didn't last the afternoon.

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arches, compacted, lines, serpentine, snow


Work completed and recorded 26th January 1984.


Helbeck, Cumbria, UK.


AGA: S/Bk_010, pencil illus. [filed in slide cabinet as Feb 1984 but recorded in diary as Jan 1984.]


Colour 35mm slide;
Film: Kodachrome 64;
AGA location: 84/Feb/C;
No. of images: 1/7 [Others: S/C; 84/Feb/C; 84/Feb/D];
Archival Disk: 1984_001