Yellow and ruddy leaves
made edge by finding ruddy and yellow lead the same size
tore yellow leaf in two, spat underneath one half
pressed it on to the ruddy leaf
Glasgow, Lanarkshire
1 November 1986

© Andy Goldsworthy
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Diary: Glasgow. 1st Nov

Cold clear day –found yesterday’s work – so bright light – decided to make it bigger – wind getting stronger – hung in tree – amazing light – swaying in wind [...] very difficult to photograph. Still I think I managed it. Very pleased.

Late on made yellow strips in muddy leaves – was
going to make point but left it open ended.

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*red, leaves, lines, patches, yellow


Work completed and recorded 1st November 1986.


Pollock Park, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, UK.


AGA: S/Bk_014, col. illus., text
Hand to Earth (1990), col. illus., p. 65

Listed in Clive Adams, Hand to Earth (1990), p. 177, no. 113. Presented as 5 Cibachrome photographs in two frames.

Collection of the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.


Colour 35mm slide;
Film: Kodachrome 64;
AGA location: S/C;
No. of images: 1/11[Others: S/C; P; 86/Nov/C];
Archival Disk: 1986_004