Rainbow making
a first attempt
Levens Hall, Lancashire
June 1976

© Andy Goldsworthy
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'It was on a field trip to Levens Hall. I was not particularly interested in the topiary that we had been taken to see. I went for a walk along the river with Seamus. I walked into the river, to make splashes, it was a sunny day and rainbows appeared in the splash. This was a great discovery, but I didn't have the necessary understanding to draw out a rainbow of any great strength. It marked the beginning of my search for rainbows. Seamus didn't manage to capture any of the rainbows with the camera on this occasion. I remember Seamus saying that to photograph a moment you had to anticipate it, after which I realised this was not true, you had to see the moment and photograph it right then.' [AG, Penpont, 13/11/2003]

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rainbows, rivers, splashes, sticks, water


Work completed and recorded June 1976.


Morecambe Bay, Lancashire, UK.




Colour 35mm slide;
Film: Kodachrome 64;
AGA location: S/C;
No. of images: 1/6 [Others: 76/Jun/A];
Archival Disk: 1976_001